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Click here to open a sample of a standard print credit card statement then select the links below to open a sample of the accessible format


In our experience, Braille is responsible for around 4% of accessible print requests.

​Our process can convert to Braille - all we require is a list of rules which we then apply to our process so you can emboss directly.

Automated Audio

In our experience, Audio is responsible for around 6% of accessible print requests.

​​Our process can be adapted to the most common text to speech programs used by most transcription companies.

Accessible formats

​Large Print, Automated Audio and Braille - our processes handle them all.​

UKAAF promotes the standards for producing accessible print.
You can visit their website here
1 Day Data are members of UKAAF
Large print

Large print is the most commonly requested alternative format. In our experience, large print is responsible for around 90% of requests.

​We can adapt our processes to suit your current house style - e.g. Arial 18/20.