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transcription training & documentation

It's difficult for a transcription company to recruit for a 'transcriber' as there are not many around!

​We've simplified our training and documentation so transcribers can easily follow 'before and after' screenshots of what the text should look like when accessible. We also provide videos specific to each contract where required.

​Our documentation typically follows a "step-by-step" process and is easily adapted to ISO 9001 standards.

Process mapping

"Going to the Gemba" is something we love doing. The phrase means actually getting out and looking at your process as it's happening.

It’s amazing how well we think we know a process, but when we actually stand there and watch the process as it gets done, we see how different things are. We begin to see problems and opportunities for improvement.

We use Lean and Six Sigma techniques where applicable - Lean for reducing delays and Six Sigma for reducing defects or deviation in the process.

​A true advantage for us, is we actually started in transcription as transcribers, and have experienced the whole process cycle and difficulties of converting to accessible print.

From the humble beginnings of transcribing materials...
to designing a new in-house Large Print accessible style - for one of the largest transcription companies in Europe...
to implementing fully automated processes...For telecoms, utilities, banks and more.

YeS... We've experienced it all.

By experiencing each step of the process cycle and being very much hands on, we are in a fantastic position to identify and streamline your processes.​

Transcription process too long? Let us streamline that for you.

Streamlining Transcription

A lot of modern day transcription is simply scanned from paper which results in scan errors and poor quality OCR recognition where there are background images. In some cases, table and paragraph headers are often missing.

Our transcription process automatically corrects the most common errors and missing headers, resulting in a document where the emphasis is on proofing the weaker identified areas, rather than areas which we know to be reliable.

By continuously improving our application with regular updates, combined with full quality analysis, the transcription process is more efficient and reliable.

“1 Day Data regularly provides us with a fast, accurate and reliable transcription service of our newsletter into large print and audio formats"

"From our experience, we would have no hesitation in recommending this service”

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TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' PERFORMANCE AND PROVIDE efficient transcription processes.

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We use our experience to help simplify the transcription process